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April 18, 2017
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#215:  She's All That (Trailer)

("All that" = a person who is attractive, superior, and highly admired by others. In the beginning of the movie, the girl isn't "all that", but at the end of the movie she becomes the prom queen [1].)


Instructions:  Listen to the youtube video above and fill in the blanks in the transcript below (or write your answers on a piece of paper). Beginners can use the list of missing words and phrases, but if you're an advanced student, try to fill in the blanks just by listening to the video, without looking at the missing words and phrases.  The answers are given at the end of the transcript.

Main Features:  This video lesson has two main features.  1) In this video you will hear another example of the phrase "Why did you" ("why'd ju").  This question has appeared at least once in each of the last three lessons. In this lesson you'll hear another example.  2) There are two combinations in this video.  The sentence "They kicked him out of the house" sounds like "They kicked im ah-da the house.  The sentence "You've got six weeks to turn her into the prom queen" sounds like "You've got six weeks ta turn er inda the prom queen [1]."

Missing Words and Phrases (9):  and [an]; him out of [im ah-da]; his [is]; to [da]; to turn her into [ta turn er inda]; want to [wanna]; why did you [why'd ju]; wondering [wonnerin]; you're going to [yer gonna].

Plot:  Everyone in high school envies Zack Siler, but his popularity declines when his girlfriend leaves him for TV star Brock Hudson.  In order to rebuild his reputation, Zack agrees to a difficult challenge:  He has six weeks to gain the trust of Laney Boggs and help her become the school's next prom queen [1].


Zack Siler had it all.

How's it going, man?

President of _____ class, captain of the team, and dating the most popular girl in school… Until she went on spring break.

So I've been dancing for maybe 5 minutes, right?  And that's when it happened.

l'm Brock Hudson [2]!

Brock is from "The Real World" [2], like the TV show, okay? 

But they kicked __________ the house!

My condolences go out _____ Zack, who got dissed and dismissed [3] by his magically delicious girl friend.

In order to save his reputation, he's taken on an impossible bet.

I'll pick the girl.  _____ you've got six weeks ________________ the prom queen [1].

Gentlemen, we have a winner!

If you call off the bet, you lose.

I don't lose.

So Laney, listen.  I was _________ if maybe you'd _______ … embarrass me horribly in front of all these people.

So who's the lucky rebound girl? [4]

She kind of blew me off!  [5]

I like her already.

What is this, some kind of new dork outreach program? [6]

Find out where she hangs out, what she does for fun.

Don't tell me you guys are on a date.

No, we're just friends.

I feel just like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" [7].  You know, except for that whole hooker thing.

To everyone here who matters, you're vapor. [8]

I forgot why I avoided places like this and people like you!

Am I bet??  Am I a stupid bet???

This is one contest _______________ lose.

You're going down, man. [9]

Jesse, am I kissable?

But now he's about to realize that she's a whole lot more than he bargained for [10].

She doesn't like her million dollar makeover [11] or her overnight popularity?  What is it?

No, that's not the point, man!  I cared about her!

___________ really come here, Zack?

I forget.

{Song:  So kiss me.} 

She's All That.

{Song:  Kiss me down by the broken tree house.  Swing me.}


[1] Prom queen = A "prom" is a formal dinner dance for high school students.  The students vote for who they want to be the prom King and Queen.
"Brock Hudson" and "The Real World" =  The girl met Brock Hudson, who (in the movie) was on a popular reality TV show called "The Real World".
[3] Zack got dissed and dismissed by his girl friend = His girl friend left him.  She dissed him (e.g., disrespected him) and dismissed him (left him).
[4] Rebound = If your girlfriend or boyfriend breaks up with you, then a rebound occurs if you start looking for another person to go out with in order to ease the pain of breaking up.  The relationship with the new person usually doesn't last very long.
[5] She kind of blew me off! = She didn't pay any attention to me.
[6] A dork outreach program = A "dork" is a strange person who isn't popular at school.  "A dork outreach program" = She's asking him if the popular kids at school are taking pity on the less-popular students and reaching out to them for some unknown reason.  Since he wasn't able to get her attention, Zack then asks his sister for advice (see the next line of the transcript), then later in the trailer he goes to the beach with the girl.
[7] Julia Roberts = a famous actress who was in the movie "Pretty Woman".  A "hooker" is a woman who works in the oldest profession on Earth.
[8] You're vapor = You're invisible to us; it's as if you don't exist.  As far as I know, this phrase isn't used anymore.
[9] You're going down = This can mean "I'm going to destroy you" or "I'm going to beat you up" or "I'm going to take you down off of your high pedestal."
[10] She's more than he bargained for = She's more than what he expected.
[11] A makeover = a significant change in a woman's hairstyle, makeup, and clothes.  "A million dollar makeover" is a makeover that's so extensive that it costs a million dollars.


1) his [is]
2) him out of [im ah-da]
3) to [da]
4) And [an]
5) to turn her into [ta turn er inda]
6) wondering [wonnerin]
7) want to [wanna]
8) you're going to [yer gonna]
9) Why did you [why'd ju]

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