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March 7, 2008
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Pearson, one of the world's largest educational businesses in the world, understands the enormous potential of international markets.

Chief executive Marjorie Scardino announced recently that the company plans to invest heavily in technology and education in India.  As part of its strategy for the country, Penguin Group has recently joined forces with mobile software firm Mobifusion to deliver books through mobile phones.

“We expect to increase our investment in India significantly over the next three years and see the provision of educational services as our number one area of focus,” said Scardino.

Scardino said that the increase in investment is due to the continued success of its operating companies in India and also due to the strong growth of the educational services sector.
We're very happy to see yet another example of an organization using technology to make education more accessible and efficient for the learner.


03:23 AM Oct 07 2016


Your blog is so interesting and thought provoking that I could not refrain myself from sharing it with others. Keep it man!

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