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Busca en todas las lecciones de ESL (inglés como segundo idioma) temas como inglés elemental, inglés coloquial, inglés para negocios y pronunciación inglesa.

  • no good Tomorrow Go Super!
  • Love at First Sight

    Vida real - Miércoles

    Love at First Sight

    It’s possible that two people could look at each other and decide that they’re perfect for one ...

  • Above Board

    Escuchar otras conversaciones - Martes

    Above Board English, baby! Video Lesson

    When playing a game of cards, it’s important to feel that everyone is being honest. If you’re p...

  • Emoticons

    Vida real - Lunes


    People have used emoticons long before there were cell phones, or even the internet. A writer first created...

  • Imagine Dragons

    Música - Viernes

    Imagine Dragons

    Imagine Dragons rose to fame in 2012, but their success didn’t stop there. Famous music magazine Roll...

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What does "tradition" mean?

  • glasses with dark lenses to protect your eyes from the sun
  • custom; something that you do frequently, usually every year or on certain occasions or holidays
  • not important to me; not a concern

Practice: tradition

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  • Romance

    Cuddling on the Couch

    Escuchar otras conversaciones - Miércoles

    Cuddling on the Couch English, baby! Video Lesson

    Sometimes it’s just hard to make a move. Especially if you can’t get a read on what the other p...

  • Hobbies

    Swimming in the River

    Vida real - Martes

    Swimming in the River

    On a hot, summer day, you’ll find a lot of major cities deserted. Where did everyone go? They went sw...

  • Music


    Música - Lunes


    Justin Timberlake has been famous since he was a kid. But the release of his latest CD, Future Sex/Love Sou...

  • Work

    Care Free

    Escuchar otras conversaciones - Viernes

    Care Free English, baby! Video Lesson

    It can be hard to make changes in your life without going overboard. Ella couldn’t stop working all t...

  • Friend

    Dial It Back

    Escuchar otras conversaciones - Jueves

    Dial It Back English, baby! Video Lesson

    Music can be made louder or softer by touching a button, but it hasn’t always been that way. To chang...

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  • Past Progressive Tense

    Pull the Wool Over One's Eyes

    Pull the Wool Over One's Eyes English, baby! Video Lesson

    Has anyone ever tried to trick you? Has someone lied to you, or given you incorrect information, so you won...

  • Contractions and Abbreviations



    When it comes to bands, there are the good, the bad, and then… there’s LMFAO. It’s hard t...

  • Simple Future Tense

    Jump the Gun

    Jump the Gun English, baby! Video Lesson

    It has been a wild two weeks at the 2010 Winter Olympics for Ebaby! But Jason still has not done what he ca...

  • Simple Future Tense



    Billions of people lived and died before you were born. It’s strange to think about isn’t it? A...

  • Present Perfect Progressive

    Hot Tub Time Machine

    Hot Tub Time Machine

    1986 wasn’t all that long ago. But so much was different. We didn’t have cell phones, iPhones, ...

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Lecciones para miembros

Crea lecciones de inglés para compartir con otros miembros de Ebaby! Tus lecciones online de inglés como segundo idioma pueden tratar sobre cualquier tema, como inglés coloquial, inglés para negocios, inglés elemental o pronunciación inglesa. Cuanto más compartas, más ayudarás a otros a estudiar y practicar inglés.

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  • The 4 Language Skills

    The 4 Language Skills

    When we learn a language, there are four skills that we need for complete communication. When we learn our native language, we usually learn to lis...

  • Irregular verbs


    Irregular verbs

    All new verbs in English are regular. I photocopied the report. She faxed it to me. They emailed everybody about it. I googled my name and go...

  • What's a Decade?

    What's a Decade?

    A "decade" is a period of 10 years (in the same way that a "century" is a period of 100 years). There are other words that star...

  • the cornerstone of

    Modismos, coloquialismos y jergas

    the cornerstone of

    I know the image has nothing to do with it... but I still like it :Dthe phrase term, "the cornerstone of smthing" means:the basis of some...

  • Who's or Whose (Grammar)


    Who's or Whose (Grammar)

    The correct answer is "3." "Who's" is short for "Who is.""Whose" is used to describe items that belong to someone.According to the questio...

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  • alistesna alistesna and 6 other people commented on the lesson Love at First Sight
    Love at First Sight

    It's possible that two people could look at each oth...

  • alistesna alistesna and 7 other people like the lesson Love at First Sight
    Love at First Sight

    It's possible that two people could look at each oth...

  • sumisumit sumisumit and 73 other people commented on the vocab chat
    Vocabulary Word: chat
  • Jasonlongo Jasonlongo and 12 other people like the lesson Emoticons

    People have used emoticons long before there were ce...

  • Jasonlongo Jasonlongo and 10 other people like the lesson Above Board
    Above Board

    When playing a game of cards, it's important to feel...

  • ekremkaya79 and 155 other people correctly answered the "impress" quiz

    What does "impress" mean?

  • meemoo2 meemoo2 and 173 other people correctly answered the "make a living" quiz

    What does "make a living" mean?

  • fcf515 fcf515 and 11 other people commented on the lesson the norm
  • meemoo2 meemoo2 and 40 other people like the lesson The Romantics
    The Romantics

    People who have been friends for a long time have a ...

  • meemoo2 meemoo2 and 41 other people like the lesson 500 Days of Summer
    500 Days of Summer

    Most romantic comedies begin with a couple meeting, ...

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