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Busca en todas las lecciones de ESL (inglés como segundo idioma) temas como inglés elemental, inglés coloquial, inglés para negocios y pronunciación inglesa.

  • Gourmet Food Tomorrow Go Super!
  • Fury

    Películas - Viernes


    There’s no shortage of films about war. In most, a battalion of soldiers go up against another, some ...

  • turns one's stomach

    Lenguaje coloquial - Jueves

    turns one's stomach

  • Houseguests

    Vida real - Miércoles


    Hosting houseguests can be a mixed blessing. If having a clean home is important to you, it can take a lot ...

  • Shake in One's Boots

    Escuchar otras conversaciones - Martes

    Shake in One's Boots English, baby! Video Lesson

    Do you have a brother who liked to scare you when you were young? Maybe he hid in your closet to jump out a...

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What does "transform" mean?

  • was about, was approximately
  • resolve a problem; punish someone for something
  • change from one thing to another, make a complete change

Practice: transform

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  • Music

    Music of the Decade

    Música - Viernes

    Music of the Decade

    Certain songs always make you think about a particular time in your life. Like every time you hear “I...

  • Work

    Hypothetically Speaking - With the Unreal Past Tense

    Escuchar otras conversaciones - Jueves

    Hypothetically Speaking - With the Unreal Past Tense English, baby! Video Lesson

    Devan has a big decision to make. Recently, a lawyer named Jeff came and offered to buy her business. The c...

  • Romance

    High School Sweethearts

    Vida real - Miércoles

    High School Sweethearts

    The first time we fall in love can feel the most powerful, because it’s such a new, intense experienc...

  • Friend

    Hide and Seek

    Vida real - Martes

    Hide and Seek English, baby! Video Lesson

    You might not be a kid anymore, but can you still squeeze in a closet or under a bed? OK, then you can stil...

  • Hobbies

    Movie Toys

    Películas - Lunes

    Movie Toys

    Usually, toys are for kids. But some toys become collector’s items, and adults buy them, too. Toys ba...

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English Grammar

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  • Simple Present Tense

    Alternative Christmas

    Alternative Christmas

    Typical Christmas traditions include hanging stockings in front of the fireplace, leaving a plate of cookie...

  • Contractions and Abbreviations

    In or Out

    In or Out English, baby! Video Lesson

    Since trends can change quickly, you have to pay attention if you want to follow them. Something can be in ...

  • Count and Noncount Nouns



    Even though some of the most beautiful things ever written in the English language were written as poetry, ...

  • Past Progressive Tense

    Guns N' Roses

    Guns N' Roses

    Fans of the rock band Guns N’Roses finally have a reason to celebrate. After 17 long years in the stu...

  • Phrasal Verbs

    Edited for TV

    Edited for TV

    Watching movies in the theater is a lot of fun, but it also has its drawbacks. It’s expensive, for on...

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Crea lecciones de inglés para compartir con otros miembros de Ebaby! Tus lecciones online de inglés como segundo idioma pueden tratar sobre cualquier tema, como inglés coloquial, inglés para negocios, inglés elemental o pronunciación inglesa. Cuanto más compartas, más ayudarás a otros a estudiar y practicar inglés.

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  • The 4 Language Skills

    The 4 Language Skills

    When we learn a language, there are four skills that we need for complete communication. When we learn our native language, we usually learn to lis...

  • Irregular verbs


    Irregular verbs

    All new verbs in English are regular. I photocopied the report. She faxed it to me. They emailed everybody about it. I googled my name and go...

  • What's a Decade?

    What's a Decade?

    A "decade" is a period of 10 years (in the same way that a "century" is a period of 100 years). There are other words that star...

  • Irregular Verbs Part II


    Irregular Verbs Part II

      InfinitiveSimple PastPast ParticiplePpartakepartookpartakenpaypaidpaidpleadpleaded / pledpleaded / pledprebuildprebuiltprebuiltpredopredidpr...

  • Who's or Whose (Grammar)


    Who's or Whose (Grammar)

    The correct answer is "3." "Who's" is short for "Who is.""Whose" is used to describe items that belong to someone.According to the questio...

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  • foz12 foz12Super Member! and one other person like the lesson Gourmet Food
    Gourmet Food

    If your family has money, it's possible that you eat...

  • foz12 foz12Super Member! and 11 other people like the lesson Fury

    There's no shortage of films about war. In most, a b...

  • ibr20 ibr20 and 11 other people commented on the lesson Fury

    There's no shortage of films about war. In most, a b...

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    What does "sucks" mean?

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    What does "punk" mean?

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    What does "blowing up" mean?

  • vik32 vik32 and 8 other people commented on the lesson turns one's stomach
  • nals nals and 144 other people correctly answered the "cinematography" quiz

    What does "cinematography" mean?

  • vik32 vik32 and 7 other people commented on the lesson Houseguests

    Hosting houseguests can be a mixed blessing. If havi...

  • vik32 vik32 and 9 other people commented on the lesson Shake in One's Boots
    Shake in One's Boots

    Do you have a brother who liked to scare you when yo...

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