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Learn about Adjectives

Date: Jul 09 2012

Themes: Work

Grammar: Adjectives


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Each day of the week has its own attitude. Friday is fun, Saturday is busy and Sunday is relaxing. For many people, Monday is the worst day of the week. It’s the day you have to go back to work or school after the weekend. And on Monday, you have five long days to get through before Saturday comes around again.

But not everyone hates Mondays. For some, each Monday is a fresh start. It’s a chance to kick the week off right. Find out how Jeff and Devan feel about Mondays.



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Jeff:  I had the worst day today.

Devan:  Yeah? You have a case of the Mondays?

Jeff:  You could put it that way, big time.

Devan:  What happened? It was just a boring day at the office? Were you busy from work that got backed up over the weekend, or…?

Jeff:  I just feel kind of down in general. It’s a long week ahead.

Devan:  So you’ve got the blues at the beginning of the week, it sounds like.

Jeff:  Oh yeah. The Monday blues.

Devan:  Is it just that you know that it’s gonna be a long time before you have a day off again, or do they just typically seem to be a harder workday for you?

Jeff:  Both of those things, really. But a lot of the time I’ll really exert myself over the weekend, and make myself real tired ‘cause I want to pack in as much fun as possible. So I think that’s the largest part of it. How are you feeling today?

Devan:  I agree with you. I think that working a nine to five job, you kind of get caught in the daily grind, and it can be a little disheartening at times. I definitely feel the Monday blues myself.


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Jeff had a bad day. It’s Monday, his least favorite day of the week. Devan thinks he has a case of the Mondays.

Jeff often feels blue at the beginning of the week. He is tired from the weekend and busy at work. It will be a long time before he will have another day off.

Devan agrees that Mondays can be depressing. Looking ahead to the long work week sometimes makes her feel down as well.

Do you like Mondays? What are your favorite and least favorite days of the week?



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because it first day of the week. many people abuse to monday.

12:11 PM Aug 27 2015 |


Russian Federation

I’m retired so all days are off for me..

12:25 PM Apr 24 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

actualy in my country friday was the weekend but now friday and also thursday….

i like wednesdaya cause i can sleep alot….

i don’t like fridays cause the day after that i should get up early and go to school….

also i don’t like saturdays because it’s the 1st day of week and …..  :)

09:36 AM Dec 04 2013 |




It depends on when I have to get up. I work in shifts, so if I have late shift, the Monday morning is not so bad for me ;-)

07:14 PM Nov 22 2012 |



I love Monday and Tuesday.. That are my day off.  My fresh start day is Wednessday. There are many things are waiting for me to challeng.. But I feel blue on Saturday because I have to work while the other peple don’t.

04:42 AM Nov 22 2012 |

Sinderella wen


Speaking of the monday,I hate to the day of Monday,when I hear it I feel worry about the week will come,when it comes ,It means that lot of things have come ,and I will have a lesson ,even I will face many things which is difficult to solve.

08:45 AM Oct 21 2012 |




Monday = Fresh Start

Tuesday = so so

Wednesday = I miss weekends

Thursday = God! I’m dying!

Friday = Finally!!! TGIF

09:04 PM Oct 20 2012 |

2 people like this



I like Mondays and Friday’s. Monday means time to work and time to have some fresh start. For me I feel thankful that I’m breathing and I had a chance to improve and learn. Then Friday comes just means for me that I can finally rest. And think of what I can do for the weekends.

07:16 PM Oct 20 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

In Iran our weekend is just fridays,but  I hate fridays maybe because  i am worry about saturdays and  i feel fridays blue,my favorite day in the week is thursdays and fridays are displeasing and blue.

06:16 AM Oct 12 2012 |

1 person likes this

carpe diem


Monday is the best day of the week for me.Because Monday is a fresh start.Every  monday ı decide to do something new but ı can’t perform. my english spelling is not good so sorry

01:30 PM Aug 02 2012 |

1 person likes this

Mi Nguyen

Mi Nguyen

Viet Nam

Unlike everyone I love Mondays best bc I work on the weekends so when Sunday ends I often yell to myself thankfully TGMF! Anyway working on the weekends is not too much a hassle bc I only need to work my ass off for only 2 days and like I’m having 5 days ahead to enjoy my weekdays. The only bad thing about it is that when I’m free, nobody is free to hang out with me and vice versa. That’s surely a big problem lol

10:06 PM Jul 31 2012 |




Monday is hands down the worst day of the week. I have a case of the Mondays so I totally relate to Jeff. I try to not exert myself on Sunday nights so I´m ready for work and the whole week ahead. My favourite day of the week is Saturday when I can usually sleep in and do all the things I didn´t have enough time to do during the week. It´s usually the day I hang out too. Sunday is a day to chill out. The other days of the week are sort of okay to me because you´re already in full swing at work and doing your thing that they just scoot by.

12:37 PM Jul 24 2012 |

1 person likes this



I hate monday!

06:16 AM Jul 21 2012 |

tutorheatherSuper Member!

United States

It’s very common to hear people exclaim “TGIF!” on Fridays. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a slang expression that means “Thank goodness (or God, depending on your comfort with that usage) it’s Friday!”

In America, Wednesday is called ”hump day.” The top of a mountain or hill is called the hump, so since it’s the middle day, Wednesday is the hump day. If you can get over the hump, you’re on your way down the “mountain” to the weekend! It’s a lot easier to slide down a mountain than to climb up!

04:39 PM Jul 14 2012 |


Costa Rica


I like Mondays as it is the first day of the week and I have a lot of energy to do my best. In addition to this, I can enjoy what I do with my co-workers.

Most of people do not like Monday but they will try to grow on it.

I do not have a favorite day, everyday is an opportunity to be happy !!

09:04 PM Jul 13 2012 |



I don’t like monday,due to i feel little bit disheartening when monday is coming every time,each time if i think about i will back work place and the sunday will finished ,but i have to go to office in monday,due to i have to earn money and feed my family,if i have my own business in future ,i think more better ,i will never feel tired and always full energy in my life,i don’t like working in company actually,becase i don’t like point by other person do this and do that,i have myself mind.

08:33 PM Jul 10 2012 |




Unlike many people,I really like mondays ‘cause on mondays I’m more willing to work and to pumping iron hehe unlike on fridays,I’m really really tired! and I work out more tired too ‘cause I usually to work saturday yes and saturday not :P

06:25 PM Jul 10 2012 |



United Kingdom

I think the audio scripts in Learn Vocabulary and Read and Preapare are wrong. They are not associated with today’s lesson

01:52 PM Jul 10 2012 |




I think I dislike Tuesday more than Monday. Because in Monday I can make a plan of my week work and don’t need to do any real work. And then I need to follow my plans… Favorite day is surely Friday, who doesn’t?

08:06 PM Jul 09 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

as in Iran saturday is the first day of the week, i just dont like Mondays because Garfield didnt!!!:D

02:22 PM Jul 09 2012 |

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