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Past Perfect Progressive

We form the past perfect progressive (sometimes called the "past perfect continuous") with had been + main verb + ing. We use this tense to talk about an on-going process that happened in the past before something else in the past.

For example, we might say, "She had been waiting for two hours when the bus finally arrived." The bus arrived in the past, and before that, she had been in the on-going process of waiting for it to come.

Past Perfect Progressive Grammar Quiz

  1. I minding my own business when the canvasser stopped me on the street to talk about legalizing pot.

  2. I had whether to call him for the last two days until he phoned and asked me out today.

  3. been waiting very long before I met you?

  4. Joy Division been attracting many fans until the lead singer killed himself and they became New Order.

  5. We'd along the river when it started to pour and we got soaking wet.

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United States

I had been listening  music for two hours , when my sister called me .

03:00 AM Dec 04 2015 |



he had been waiting for his friend for 2 hours when she arrived there and took stuff from her.

i had been working there for six months when i got job in another company i stwiched off.

i had been giving my presention in the class when teacher told me to stop.

they had been watching tv when electricty went off.

hotel manager had been looking for new employee before the hired him.

political leaders had been adressing voters before the election had cames to end.

i had been learing english language when i completed my degree.

02:27 PM Apr 21 2015 |



all tens very imprtant..

07:09 AM Nov 13 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of


10:52 AM Jun 17 2014 |



I had been stadying a day in my office before my boss came back.

01:32 AM May 12 2014 |



i had been listening music before she came to my house.

04:03 AM Feb 26 2014 |



i had not been standing before she came.

06:54 AM Jun 16 2013 |



I had been thinking  to buy a bag when we gone to department store. 

  I had been debating whether to called you in the last minute until I received your message. 

It had been pouring when I got lost.

07:12 AM Jan 18 2013 |



I had been training running until I had an sprained ankle.

My friends had been shopping when strong winds started.

06:11 AM Dec 25 2012 |



past perfect progressive

and the other tenses


12:45 PM Dec 23 2012 |