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What does "Birthday party" mean?

Vocabulary Word: Birthday party

1. Definición (pron.) a party to celebrate somebody’s birthday

Ejemplos I am going to invite all of my friends to my Birthday party this Saturday.

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i never forget my 7 years birthday

it was very big party and i was invited about 60 persons.

it was very good :)

09:31 AM Nov 28 2012 |

Sinderella wen


I am sinderella and I a come from China In my country,we used to spend our birthday in a simple way or it even can say that we don’t have a habit to hold a birthday party.

But Nowdays most of us like to hold a party to celebrate the birthday of us .I also have held a birthday party,the party  organzied by jack who is work at a company called jakarl.

09:25 AM Nov 28 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Birthday parties are always memorable.

04:01 AM Nov 28 2012 |

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