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Busca en todas las lecciones de ESL (inglés como segundo idioma) temas como inglés elemental, inglés coloquial, inglés para negocios y pronunciación inglesa.

  • nocturnal Tomorrow Go Super!
  • Napping

    Vida real - Viernes


    It’s the middle of the day and everything is going well. You are getting your work done and you feel ...

  • fair share

    Lenguaje coloquial - Jueves

    fair share

  • Intuition

    Vida real - Miércoles


    Do you ever get a feeling or emotion deep in your gut and you can’t explain it? It’s hard to sa...

  • Likes

    Vida real - Martes


    What does it mean when someone gives you a thumbs up? It could mean “Good job!” Or maybe “...

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What does "relevant" mean?

  • indication of something positive
  • Response to information that the speaker doesn't know about, but generally in response to a statement that is untrue about the speaker.
  • meaningful, significant

Practice: relevant

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  • Music

    Foo Fighters

    Música - Viernes

    Foo Fighters

    It’s rare enough to be such a good drummer that you end up in a band as famous as Nirvana. But when K...

  • Friend

    Cat Treadmills

    Vida real - Jueves

    Cat Treadmills

    We sure love our pets. There are many ways to pamper them. There are things such as pet restaurants, where ...

  • Romance

    First Dates

    Vida real - Miércoles

    First Dates

    To do anything for the first time can be scary. Going on a first date can make you feel even more nervous b...

  • Work


    Vida real - Martes


    Honk, honk! Hey, you, I’m walking here! Sound familiar? Ah yes, the beautiful sounds of a big city! R...

  • Hobbies

    get hooked on

    Lenguaje coloquial - Lunes

    get hooked on

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  • You're vs. Your



    Every major religion, from Hinduism to Christianity, incorporates some form of meditation. Many Buddhists, ...

  • Passive Voice



    Somewhere in the universe, are aliens making movies about us humans invading their planet and wreaking havo...

  • Direct vs. Reported Speech

    Ring a Bell

    Ring a Bell English, baby! Video Lesson

    Memory is a funny thing sometimes. Why do you remember some things so easily? Why are other things so easil...

  • There, Their & They're

    Work One's Butt Off

    Work One's Butt Off English, baby! Video Lesson

    Today is the big day! You have been planning and organizing your party for months. You have invited all of ...

  • The Unreal Past

    Gap Year

    Gap Year

    Malia Obama is the daughter of Barack Obama. As a teenager, she lived in the White House with her family. N...

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Crea lecciones de inglés para compartir con otros miembros de Ebaby! Tus lecciones online de inglés como segundo idioma pueden tratar sobre cualquier tema, como inglés coloquial, inglés para negocios, inglés elemental o pronunciación inglesa. Cuanto más compartas, más ayudarás a otros a estudiar y practicar inglés.

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  • Learn English Online

    Inglés conversacional

    Learn English Online

    Learn English Online with teacher Bienne.I handle Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Level students.I teach Listening comprehension, conversation,...

  • how much some one could bee puzzled

    Modismos, coloquialismos y jergas

    how much some one could bee puzzled

    when some one wants to explain about the knoWledge of someone about somthing that is too little would use this: "(someone) + dont(doesnt) know , a...

  • English Skills - Fluency - Reciting


    English Skills - Fluency - Reciting

    What I like most about the English language is its size and subtlety. However these qualities are also why many find it difficult to achieve flue...




    HOW TO WRITE A COMMENTORY OF A POEM (in the form of the essay)              &nb...

  • East or West, home is best

    Modismos, coloquialismos y jergas

    East or West, home is best

    "The grass isn`s always greener on the other side", they say. What do they mean? Is the saying about a ...

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  • freesv freesv and 251 other people correctly answered the "parody" quiz

    What does "parody" mean?

  • mansoormansoory and 252 other people correctly answered the "out there" quiz

    What does "out there" mean?

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  • meemoo2 meemoo2 and 273 other people correctly answered the "on the run" quiz

    What does "on the run" mean?

  • Dizelman DizelmanSuper Member! and 17 other people like the lesson Stereotypes

    There are many different types of people in the worl...

  • Dizelman DizelmanSuper Member! and 10 other people like the lesson Makeovers

    Is your look current, or do you feel stuck in a rut?...

  • bora_78 bora_78Super Member! and 7 other people like the lesson Napping

    It's the middle of the day and everything is going w...

  • bora_78 bora_78Super Member! and 12 other people like the lesson Intuition

    Do you ever get a feeling or emotion deep in your gu...

  • bora_78 bora_78Super Member! and 13 other people like the lesson Survivor

    TV shows come and go. It's often difficult to know w...

  • Nina_18004 Nina_18004 and 7 other people commented on the lesson Intuition

    Do you ever get a feeling or emotion deep in your gu...

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