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Future in the Past

Future in the past is used when you want to discuss something in the past that you thought would happen in the future. It doesn’t matter whether the thing actually ended up happening. You use future in the past to discuss a plan or a promise from the past.

There are two ways to form the future in the past. One way is to use was/were going to + verb, as in, “He was going to go to the movies last Friday night.” At some point in the past, he had a plan to go to the movies last Friday night. “Last Friday night” is sometime between the moment when he made the plan and now.

You can also use would to form future in the past. Use would + verb when you are talking about something in the past that someone promised or volunteered to do. For example, you might say, “He said he would call when he arrived.” If the call happened, it happened after he said he would.

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I was going to swimming yesterday but my friend came by surprise even though she told me that she would call me before she arrived.

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United States

When we talk about the past, we sometimes want to refer to something which was in the future at the time we were speaking. We use past verb forms to do this:

- The last time I met her, she was leaving for a new job in Italy the following day. (past form of She is leaving)

- They rang to say they would be with us by ten o’clock but then their flight was cancelled. (past form of They will be with us)

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I am happy that you provide such article in here. But I felt like i can’t easily understand the tenses and nd up mixing them all. kindlyhelp me with the tenses what is the  best way to  learn tenses?

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I will study this subject.i will do it

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I was reading when the phone rang.

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